Meet The Pastors

Pastor Shep and Dr. Shalonda Crawford

Pastor Shep & Co Pastor Dr. Shalonda Crawford

About Pastor Shep (brief)

Sr. Pastor Shep Crawford is a 5x Grammy Award winning producer and writer, that God has been called specifically to build a bridge from the church to the world and from the world back to the church. Pastor Shep is very creative in his approach and way of presenting the gospel in an urban and everyday practical way.

Along with his wife and Co-Pastor, Dr. Shalonda Crawford, he has started a ministry specifically for people who are either tired of church or have never been an active member of a church. He uses a uniquely captivating, entertaining, and thought-provoking method of preaching and teaching that leaves the congregation wanting to know about God on a more personal and intimate level. Pastor Shep is like a comedian, lawyer, dancer, singer, musician and story-teller all in one.

About Co-Pastor, Dr. Shalonda K. Crawford (brief)

Dr. Shalonda K. Crawford is the Co-Pastor of The Experience Christian Ministries, led by her husband and Sr. Pastor, Shep Crawford. She is widely known throughout the city of Los Angeles and has been affectionately dubbed, “Dr. Sunshine” as she passionately pursues everyone around her to see the brighter side of life and tremulous situations. 

Dr. Crawford is high-spirited as well as highly educated having earned a total of 6 degrees including a Doctoral degree in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. All the while, Dr. Crawford has stayed busy in the church and throughout the community. 

It’s been said that there are 6 degrees of separation, but with 6 degrees under her belt, Dr. Crawford may beg to differ. She is a highly sought after psychotherapist in the greater Los Angeles area and dedicated to improving perspectives, making a difference and effecting change in the lives of every day people.