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Our Leaders

Pastor Shep and Dr. Shalonda Crawford

Pastor Shep and Dr. Shalonda Crawford

About Sr. Pastor Anthony ‘Shep’ Crawford

Anthony Schappel ‘Shep’ Crawford was born December 18, 1970 and raised in Los Angeles, California.  He and his family attended Carver Missionary Baptist Church, where he was taught spiritual principles and musicianship under the leadership of Pastor Richard Stubbs.  At eight years of age Crawford served as one of Carver’s musicians, playing the piano and organ every Sunday for $25 a week.
In 1988, under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Carl A. McCorkle, young Shep joined the Love and Unity Community Church of God in Christ. That same year, at age 17, he confessed Jesus Christ and proclaimed Him his Lord and Savior. Shortly thereafter, in 1989, he answered his call to minister, was licensed and began preaching God’s word. [More about Sr. Pastor Shep Crawford]

About First Lady Dr. Shalonda Crawford

Shalonda Katrice Crawford is a native of Michigan, born and raised in Grand Rapids. During her sophomore year in high school and at the age of 15, she became pregnant and later gave birth to her son Brandin. In spite of enormous mountains and valleys, victories and defeats, she went on to obtain her diploma on time with her graduating high school class.
Though her work over the years in various areas of Business and Entertainment has been satisfying, Dr. Crawford found herself missing something. [More about Dr. Shalonda Crawford]