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Listed below are a few examples of our seasonal small group sessions:

“I Feel Some Type of Way” is a small discussion group that helps to examine and determine how to assess and address emotions that cause you to experience depression, unforgiveness, anxiety, discontentment, disappointment, guilt, shame, etc.

“RelationTrips – The Journey to Dating” is a small discussion group helps to assess what to look for in the process of dating. This discussion utilizes 4 key steps: Courting, Dating, Exclusivity and The Next Step.

Marriage Ministry hones in on the relational, natural and spiritual aspects of the institute of marriage. For women: “Understanding My Husband.” For men: “Understanding My Wife.” You cannot build with someone that you do not understand.

“Self Confidence” is a small group discussion that includes topics such as: Childhood Seeds, “I Just Want Them to Like Me, Skin Complexion and Weight, Confidence is Everything and Grown & Sexy.

“Help! I Went Back To It is a small group discussion that addresses various addictions including drugs, alcohol, codependency, bad relationships (him, her or both).

Purpose Sessions is a 7-week small discussion group that utilizes Pastor Rick Warren’s, ‘The Purpose Driven Life.’ The sessions take on a 40-day journey of discovery where its seekers embark upon life’s most fundamental question: “What on earth am I here for?” With the opportunity to uncover and apply biblical truths along the way, Purpose Sessions aim to clean life’s canvas to better navigate the bigger picture of what it’s all about. Striving to gain the tools necessary to see you the way that God sees you, allows you to begin to live the life God created you to live.