We have changed the style, the name and the format of what is typically considered traditional weekly Bible studies. Listed below are few examples:

Women’s Bible study is called, “Couch & Coffee.” Couch & Coffee is a small group session of ‘sistah girl talk’ between adult Christian women who are experiencing the problems and pressures that real life brings. It is held in a heartening atmosphere where stories are shared, struggles are addressed, and encouragement is given. Couch & Coffee is a place of laughter and crying, a place of pain and gain, and a place of talking and listening. Purpose: To empower Christian women to become stronger and better together.


Youth & young adult Bible study is called, “Lit Conversations”. RSU is a movement of youth and young adults of this next generation that have come into the knowledge of who they are; Kingdom Citizens. The name “R.O.Q.K.” stands for “Royalty Of Queens & Kings.” According to 1 Peter 2:7, Roqkstar is a chosen generation designed to counter the current culture as the media attempts to constantly reduce and degrade our young queens and enslave the minds of our young Kings. Roqkstar’s members will discover their role and express their voice in society. It is our desire to empower them with Christian stewardship, leadership, and discipleship. We would like to inspire teens and young adults to be change-agents for their homes, schools, jobs, families and communities as well as to create a counter-culture that edifies the Kingdom of Jehovah. Roqkstar will let the world know that, “it’s okay to be different and stand out amongst the crowd.” And different is precisely what RoqkStar is doing with their #CounterCultureMovement. It is an alternative culture that is breaking social norms! If I were to describe ROQKStar in two words they would be, “Royalty Awakened!”


 Men’s Bible study is called, “BROH Sessions” (Brothers Reclaiming our Honor). BROH is a small group discussion session for Christian men to know how to reclaim their place in the home, society, and in the Kingdom through fellowship, outings, biblical and current event discussions. We believe that such an outlet will form a community of strong men who will be more effective by the power of God through numbers. In BROH we learn to honor what God honors and to become worthy of honor from our families.