About ECM

ECM’s mission is to strengthen our congregants, community, neighboring communities, and further society at large by creating an atmosphere that caters to them in a way that is non-traditional and uncharacteristic for a conventional church.

The Experience Christian Ministries (ECM) is a ministry given by God to its Sr. Pastor Shep Crawford, to specifically target non-church goers, everyday people, millennials, street-lifers, and people who are simply tired of church. We do not practice any traditions that we would not start in today’s time, nor do we include any contemporary progressions that do not have a targeted effect on changing lives. We are determined to push the envelope as it relates to:

  1. Speaking on/about subjects that are typically considered taboo in the church, but are spoken about in the Bible.
  2. Meeting our targeted audience where they are to bring them to where we are in Christ.
  3. Make every experience at ECM one to remember by putting a full effort into making sure that there are no ‘off’ Sunday’s, but that every Sunday’s experience is life changing.
  4. Turning the Holy Scriptures into a modern day script through drama, music, dance, and most of all, current day language, so that the congregation may understand how each biblical story and lesson applies specifically to their lives.
  5. Being “Out Of The Box But In The Word.”

More About US

Our goal at ECM is to build a culture of people:

  1. To develop change in the lives of our members right in front of the eyes of their families, co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, and friends, in the hopes that they would be a living witness that every life is capable of change through knowledge of the person and principles of Jesus Christ.
  2. Go outside of the four walls of the church (collectively and individually) to minister/witness to the community in the same manner.
  3. To develop such a strong presence by means of community outreach (locally and worldwide) that we immediately come to the minds of the people that have been affected particularly during times when they are hurting, confused, and/or desiring change in their lives.
  4. To eventually form a safe umbrella in which we may start or help existing churches develop a seeker-sensitive environment for unbelievers and the unchurched.
  5. To expand the Kingdom of God by deploying souls that have come into Salvation out to save the souls of others and to represent Christ everywhere we go.
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